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Saying Goodbye


Funeral Ceremonies

Honouring & Celebrating Life

Having conducted over 1,000 end of life ceremonies, I would be honoured to help you say farewell to your loved one, in whatever way is right for you. Whether you want a larger than life Celebration with lots of laughs and a whisky toast, or a more reverential ceremony with prayer, song & reflection, I will listen to your wishes and craft them into a Ceremony that honours the life of your beloved.


If you are arranging a funeral and would like me to be involved, please call 07800 950647.

Scattering of Ashes

Letting Go

Saying goodbye to someone who seemed to have their whole life ahead of them is one of the hardest things a person/family can ever face. Whether it's someone who chose to leave this world on their own terms, or a baby who never got to take their first breath, let me help you craft a ceremony that is designed to honour, give gratitude and  help you on the path to healing.


Memorial Ceremonies

Remembering Life

Memorial Ceremonies are a chance to create a space where family & friends can come together to share memories, express their grief, celebrate life and find comfort and support in one another. A Memorial Ceremony usually takes place at some point after the Funeral Ceremony, and can be held at home, in a hotel, at their favourite pub, in a garden or public space, or somewhere that was special to the deceased. It's a beautiful way for the community to come together and show love.

Living Eulogies

Holding Your Own Pen

A Living Eulogy is where a person takes the decision to have their life story recorded while they are still alive. The person may know they have a terminal illness and so want to take control of their own funeral, or it might just be that someone wants to make sure their voice is heard in the Ceremony. If you would like to chat about having me write your life story, please get in touch.

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