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The Tapestry of Life

There are so many stories woven within this photo

5 years ago, I delivered a funeral ceremony at Falkirk Crematorium. It was a really mad, almost stand up celebration of life (some of you know the story of the vibrator! ). After the ceremony, a man came up to say how much he’d enjoyed it and asked for a card, saying “You’ll definitely be doing mine!”

3 weeks later I got the call, only it wasn’t him who had died, it was his son, the late great Archie Morton

Archie’s ceremony is the biggest ceremony I’ve conducted to date, with almost 800 people packed into the Albert Halls in Stirling. We began the ceremony with a story about “bollocks”, had a farewell toast with bottles of Budweiser and at the end, family & friends gave a standing ovation as he was carried from the hall

Yesterday I conducted the wedding ceremony for Archie’s step-daughter Abbie with her hubby Dale, and afterwards I hugged his dad and we chatted about the fact that wherever he is, he would have been the first to toast the newlyweds.

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Hilson!

It is in the tapestry of Life, Love, and Loss that the world finds its purpose, its beauty, and its profound interconnectedness.

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