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Knockengorroch Newlyweds

In the borders of Scotland On a warm sunny day Was a field wi some tents Where some folks liked tae sway

Wi top shows & cool tunes And new bands playing daily The locals describe it As a great big “World Ceilidh”

There are guitars and fiddles Hurdy-gurdys and flutes Big, burly bagpipers In their braw wellie boots

Twas here that one day Brian & Natalie said, There’s a festival oan Let’s go and get wed!

So it was aff to the field Wi their pals and their dugs Tae huve their haunds bound And haud a quaich by the lugs

They stood in the field Jack & Natalie too And wi their pals looking on They both said, “Aye Do!”

Noo it’s aff tae the dancin And wi a swagger and swig They’ll be up on the fluir Dancing a wee Scottish jig

Wi the sun going doon And wi wadding rings glowing They’ll celebrate their bond Wi the single malt flowing

So, tis a day tae remember An may yer hearts aways gladden Whenever you remember Yer festival wadding

And when ye’s wake up the morra Wi fu hearts but sore heads Remember… you’re no longer singles… You’re Knockengorroch newlyweds!!!

Lindy Irving

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