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Creating Depth in Ceremony

Today's wedding ceremony held a special addition that touched the hearts of everyone present. As many of you know, I often create a symbolic claim using a basket of dried flowers. However, today, the bride and groom's children took the centre stage and crafted a moment filled with love and creativity... Claudia with her wee basket of flowers and Elliot with his rocket time capsule! It was a magical moment that melted hearts and brought forth a chorus of heartfelt "aaahhhs."

This wee moment reminded us all of the power of love in family dynamics. The bonds that unite us go beyond the bride and groom, reaching out to embrace the children and their journey together. It was a gentle reminder that marriage is not just a union of two individuals; it's a celebration of the joining of families and the growth of love in all it's beautiful forms.

To Abbie & Dale, thank you for allowing your wee ones to be a part of this special moment. Their inclusion added an extra layer of sweetness and depth to an already beautiful ceremony.

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