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Aye Do at Clachtoll Beach

"Today, we gather beside these serene highland waters, under a moody Scottish sky, to witness & celebrate Alex & Holly pledge their lives to each other in marriage.

Yet, today’s ceremony is much more than just a legal union. Today two hearts will unite in an ancient and unbreakable bond. The timeless bond of marriage. And just like this beautiful,

sheltered bay, a marriage should also be a shelter. A place of safety and unconditional acceptance. A place where we can find rest from the hardships of life. May your union be like a lighthouse guiding you through stormy seas, and a gentle breeze that soothes your souls."

Just loving these ceremony pics of Holly & Alex Beautiful couple, beautiful location and beautiful vows, binding their wee souls together for all time. Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness.

Thank you to H & A, and Ross Alexander Photography for allowing me to share

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