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Wedding Ceremonies

"A Highland wedding is the most romantic thing in the world." -

Queen Victoria

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Legal Marriage Ceremonies

There's something truly magical about a Scottish Wedding Ceremony. From the breathtaking landscapes to the rich cultural traditions, everything about a Scottish wedding is steeped in beauty and meaning.

One of the most striking things about a Scottish wedding is the stunning natural backdrop that often serves as the setting for the ceremony. Whether it's the rolling hills of the Highlands, the rugged coastline, or a charming countryside estate, the Scottish landscape provides an unparalleled sense of awe and wonder. But the beauty of a Scottish wedding goes far beyond the setting. The rich cultural traditions that are woven into every aspect of the ceremony add a layer of depth and significance that is truly unique. From the sporrans to the bagpipes, every detail of the ceremony is steeped in history and meaning. Even the wedding vows themselves are often inspired by traditional Scottish poetry and literature, adding a poetic elegance to the proceedings.

And then there's the sense of community that is at the heart of every Scottish wedding. Whether it's the gathering of friends and family to celebrate the happy couple, or the wider community coming together to participate in time-honored customs like the ceilidh dance, there is a palpable sense of joy and togetherness that is simply infectious.

All in all, a Scottish wedding ceremony is a thing of unparalleled beauty. It's a celebration of love, tradition, and community, all set against a backdrop of some of the most stunning scenery in the world. It's a moment to be cherished, remembered, and treasured for a lifetime.

Your ceremony can be even more special with the addition of one or more of the beautiful Celtic rituals, such as Handfasting, the Oathing Stone, and the Quaich. Alternatively, you can choose from the unique and heartfelt rituals I have created during my years as a ceremonialist. These include The Caim, The Ring Blessing Stone, and The Aye Do Book of Betrothals. Each of these rituals adds an extra layer of beauty and meaning to your special day, and I am honoured to offer them as a part of your ceremony.

As an Interfaith Minister, I am authorised to conduct legal wedding ceremonies anywhere in Scotland. 

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