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Crone Ceremonies

"Crones are the keepers of wisdom, the guardians of the ancient ways, and the holders of the deep feminine mysteries."


Sharon Blackie

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Stepping Into the Wisdom of Age

Crone ceremonies are a beautiful and meaningful way to honor and celebrate the wisdom, experience, and power of older women. These ceremonies are designed to recognize the important role that crones play in society, and to acknowledge the deep wisdom and knowledge that they have gained over the course of their lives.

At a crone ceremony, older women are honored and celebrated for their contributions to their communities and to the world. The ceremony typically involves rituals and activities that are designed to help the women connect with their inner wisdom, and to reflect on the lessons that they have learned throughout their lives.

One of the most beautiful aspects of crone ceremonies is the sense of community that they create. Older women are often marginalized and overlooked in our youth-obsessed culture, but crone ceremonies provide an opportunity for them to come together and support one another in a meaningful way. Through the ceremony, the women are able to share their stories, their struggles, and their triumphs, and to offer each other the kind of support and encouragement that only comes from shared experience.

Another beautiful aspect of crone ceremonies is the sense of empowerment that they can provide. For many women, reaching the crone stage of life can be challenging, as they may feel as though their contributions are no longer valued or appreciated. Crone ceremonies offer a way for these women to reclaim their power, and to acknowledge the important role that they continue to play in their communities and in the world.

Crone ceremonies are a beautiful and powerful way to honor and celebrate the wisdom, experience, and power of older women. They provide a sense of community, empowerment, and connection that can be deeply healing and transformative, both for the women themselves and for the broader community.

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