Are you organising a Women’s conference or other event for women? Why not think about booking Lindy as your next Speaker? In addition to offering a number of free events for women, I also try to keep my speaking and workshop fees very reasonable, so please if you think I could add something to your event then get in touch by clicking here or by calling me on +44 (0)7800 950647. I offer customised Keynotes and Workshops on the following topics:

  • “How to be Unstoppable” | Pursuing Possibilities
  • “We’re all M.A.D” | Empowerment in Mental Health
  • “Holy Hidden Strengths Batman!” | Unleashing Your Inner Superhero
  • “How to Move from Fear to Fierce” | Overcoming internal barriers to Success
  • “How to Build Your Armour” | Developing Resilience
  • “Speaking from the Heart” | How to be an Authentic Speaker

1. How to be Unstoppable

Pursuing Possibilities

“It’s not who’s going to let me
It’s, who is going to stop me?”

Ayn Rand

  • Figuring Out What You Want
  • Setting Out Your Plan
  • Getting Out of Your Own Way
  • Recognising Opportunities
  • Recognising Opportunities
  • Building a Support Network
  • Dealing with Your Inner Critic
  • Taking Action
  • Dealing with Challenges
  • Onwards and Upwards

We’re all M.A.D!

Life Coaching for Mental Health Empowerment

“You’re only given a little spark of madness.
You mustn’t lose it”

Robin Williams

  • We’re all M.A.D!
  • Reframing Mental Illness
  • Coaching Techniques
  • Pick up the Baton
  • What’s on the Horizon?
  • Developing New Habits
  • A Call to Action

Holy Hidden Strengths Batman!

Unleashing Your Inner Superhero

“Life is tough –
But so am I”

Wonder Woman

  • Which Superhero are you?
  • Resetting Your Focus from Weakness to Strength
  • How to Recognise Your Own Hidden Strengths
  • How to Apply Your Strengths for Success
  • How to Keep Up Momentum
  • Make a Plan Superman!

From Feeling Fear to Feeling Fierce!

How to Overcome Your Internal Barriers to Success

“If you are always trying to be normal
You will never know how amazing you can be”

Maya Angelou

  • Learn to Recognise the Voice of Fear
  • Gathering Supporting Evidence
  • How to Banish Doubt & F.E.A.R
  • Building Your Support Network
  • Doing Things Differently
  • What’s the Worst That Can Happen?


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