Claire Balfour

14_ClaireBalfourClaire Balfour is a specialist adult speech and language therapist, neuro-linguistic programming practitioner, and adult educator and trainer who has lived and worked in Scotland, England and New Zealand.
Claire coaches individual clients and professional groups to improve their speech, language, voice, social skills, and written communication skills. These skills are consolidated into everyday conversations to create effective interpersonal connections.
Claire also has a background in stagecraft by performing in plays, improvised and stand-up comedy, delivering speeches, presentations, and MCing events, and devising and facilitating group training.
She also facilitates improvised comedy workshops to teach people that they can be spontaneous and creative in conversation which increases their confidence communicating.
She is currently studying for her Masters in Speech Pathology researching how right-sided brain damage impedes linguistic inference and how that affects social problem solving.

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